logo Olympics 2012The 2012 Olympics have just resulted in a grand closing ceremony in London. 10,500 athletes from 204 NOCs, 302 Olympic events, 26 Olympic sports, 39 disciplines, 4.9 billion viewers, 3500 hours of streaming videos, over 2000 of electrical cables from London to Nottingham etc. Shocking numbers and stats confirm the fears of sociological researches: this event was truly the “world’s first social games”.

This bold suggestion is not a bare word –the popularity of social media facilities skyrockets! Social networks, blogs, online journals and diaries are infested with messages, comments and discussions on the 2012 Summer Olympic Games! Everyone wants to leave his personal assessment of what’s going on the greatest sports event. Athletes, participants and other accredited persons desperately share their impressions about the Olympics on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. Social networks and other web resources as well as developers of mobile devices and applications enjoy their moment of glory! :)

By its “Social Media, Blogging and Internet Guidelines”  IOC states that it encourages social media activity but in reality it restricts Olympics guests and athletes from sharing their experience in ‘social media’ and blogs. Committee members call for visitors and participants to share only first-person and diary-type posts, tweets and status updates. Moreover, these posts shouldn’t be like journalistic reports about competition events and confidential information. And finally, Olympians can’t upload videos and disclose any private information related to any person/organization. But reality is more favorable to social media: you can observe hundreds of thousands of posts and millions of comments referring to Olympic games world-wide. Social media researchers know where the shoe pinches…

Social media infographics

Content wants to be freely spread and shared in a new way. It all requires data visualization which is a terribly popular mix of data and design today. Thus new form of content emerged and was fairly named “infographics”. In the meantime, smart observers are thoroughly recording all this valuable stuff to make their colorful Olympics infographics. Fair to say infographics is insanely popular in in recent days, and sports competition is just an ideal food for such a graphical representation. People are greatly imposed by the media, and excess of verbal information just drives them crazy. And then some fancy image comes to the rescue – you finally get a short and comprehensive insight of the grand event! We digged a little and picked the best infographics relating to social media role at the Olympics.

Infographical imagery helps to find out the true facts and get a clear picture of the Olympics 2012 in London:

Olympics Infographics General Info
This pic will probably save your head from banging against the wall trying to discern the real facts and figures of the Olympics 2012.

Twitter Olympics infographics

Click for entire image

A good infographics is worth a thousand words (and thousand numbers)! This one is quite a cool instance of infographics for Twitter promotion.

London Olympics Infographic

Click for entire image

Another sample of Infographics for social media promotion under reliable cover of the Olympics 2012

Evolution of mobile infographics

Click for entire image

Evolution of mobile devices and apps, social media usage and other curious figures.

The rise of social media

Click for entire image

You could hardly imagine such prospects for social media a few years ago, but smart guys always knew where to look!;)

How social are the Olympics

Click for entire image

The ratio of social media popularity seems to be trustworthy but what about the shared content?

Streaming Video Olympics Infographic

Click for entire image

We can assume that the overall popularity of social media posting has primarily increased due to the growth of streaming video.

Technical and social media at Olympics 2012

What else on Earth can make people so enthusiastic about sharing content with others?

London Olympics and Twitter

Social media help us establish contacts with our most beloved athletes and sports organizations.

Survey Olympics infographics

Click for entire image

We get a morbid and yet a natural pleasure from spying on each other. People like to reveal secrets, especially hidden in their neighbors’ brains.

Social Media and Olympics 2012 Infographics

Compare and put together, take a look beyond the backyard of the past and present trends. That’s what infographics does!


We know that artists and designers can never have enough good samples for usage and inspiration. Exclusively for the Olympics we decided to pamper you with 15 top Sports templates found in our gallery! A range of beautiful designs with a neat code is a real heaven for sports maniacs! Just select the most super-duper template to your like, download and install it at an affordable price:

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Get colorful design of ski resort website template – brings fresh frosty air into the viewers monitors!

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Another sporting goods store for PrestaShop always looks fresh and not hackneyed.

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Make an exclusive PrestaShop store with this feature-rich and stylish black theme!

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As easy as a pie, this sports Prestashop theme will make the purchase process clear and affordable even for pensioners.

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Sports flash XML template is greatly suitable for professional fitness club or yoga centre.

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Aerial and spiritual Sports Flash site will be a lovely portfolio for private yoga studio.

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Make use of this catchy Drupal template presenting your swimming pool, swimming school or team online.

Sports template 181
Two menus, fancy colors and illustration makes sports Joomla theme appealing for the viewers and comfy for the owner.

Each template comes with a variety of options which make it easier to customize every aspect of your future website. So even noobs can edit it without any extra skills. Sports topic is highly popular among the websites these days due to the Euro 2012 and the Olympics 2012.

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