Very often it feels like your website needs some changes, some fresh ideas to look stylish and modern as contemporary web technologies evolve quite rapidly so you need to find an ultimate solution to make your web pages look in the tune with the times. There are several ways to go – either redesign your website on your own, request professional customization services or stick to much easier method of enhancing your website which implies the use of specially developed Flash components. This kind of ready-made extensions and applications is created to enliven your HTML, CSS and Flash-based web pages improving their presentation and functionality significantly saving your time and money as well. In our previous posts we have already touched upon some of the advanced Flash components which are created to enable multiple functions within your site. Today we are going to concentrate particularly on the most useful and well-designed Flash components allowing you to display your website multimedia content.

The following two flash components will help you to establish the most stunning and usable audio gallery within your website and let your favorite music play anywhere you want!

1. XML audio gallery flash component

2. Elite XML audio gallery flash component

This flash component allows you to create your personal resizable XML video gallery and feature the movies you like with minimum effort adjusting the gallery in compliance with your own preferences.

3. Resizable XML video gallery flash component

Video player flash components allow you to play videos from your site galleries in simple but rather stylish manner. Moreover, they have different skins to choose from and allow you to manipulate video galleries so you won’t find it difficult to personalize your site video player and make it look exactly how you want it to.
4. Flv video player flash component

5. Video player with 3 skins flash component

6. XML video player with galleries flash component

Media gallery flash component allows you to manage and display your website media content efficiently so your customers will easily reach any piece of media you’d like to share with them within your professionally designed web pages.
7. Media gallery XML flash component

So we hope you enjoyed the compilation of Top 7 Media Flash Components we have carefully prepared for you today. If you are longing for more improvements for your website you are welcome to check our regularly updated Flash components collection!

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  1. Cool collection of Flash components!
    I like especially Video player with 3 skins.

    And I agree with the author, Flash components are a great way to enhance website functionality.

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