Efficiency of WordPress Platform Usage

WordPress is known as the most popular platform for blogging. It’s one of the clearest and the newest open source tools available.

WP blog tool is being used by a great amount of website developers and business owners throughout the world. Thanks to it’s lightness, flexibility and user friendly interface, WP has become one of the most beloved tools for building CMS-based corporate sites. The platform has an easy-to-use backend (an admin panel) that helps to manage, create and update web pages on a site.

WodPress has been optimized for easy publishing and editing any content, updating a website with a plug-in or a widget. This powerful content management system provides lots of advantages for any small or medium business in need of a simple way of managing their corporate website.

Top 6 Reasons to Apply WordPress for Your Corporate Website

1. One of the most crucial reasons is financial gain. This incredibly powerful CMS is completely free. It saves your time and funds due to tons of the accessible modules, add-ons and themes. All you need is to download the platform, install it and then pick up a theme according to your taste and requirements. You could find a great choice of WordPress themes that would fit any demand in our WordPress themes section:

WordPress theme 4349

WordPress theme 4417

WordPress theme 4495

WordPress theme 4506

WordPress theme 4558

WordPress theme 4585

WordPress theme 4586

WordPress theme 4598

WordPress theme 4671

WordPress theme 4696

…and many many more!

2. SEO – great search engine optimization (SEO) benefits are provided by WordPress among the tools of its back-end. You just have to apply some settings (key words and so on) to get good search engine rankings.

3. Content – you’ll easily update and edit your website content without any specific knowledge of HTML. Moreover, you won’t need to involve your designer and webmaster each time you need to make a minor edit to your future WP site. With WordPress intuitive interfce you are able to make new pages and edit existing ones with a pretty simple “rich text” editor (the editor is also known as WYSIWYG- editor, an acronym for “What You See Is What You Get”).

4. Extensions – WordPress presents a wide range of plugins and design themes which might be added to your website later. With WordPress themes you could easily and quickly switch design (colors, shapes of all the elements : menu bar, buttons and so on) and structure of the site. At the moment plugin database of WordPress counts over 3,880 plug-ins. These plug-ins or widgets help to extend your site with any required functionality : polls, contact forms, ratings, galleries and so on without a necessity to search for a web design guru. You can choose any available feature or customize it to make the site meet your requirements. Besides, you can reuse your newly customized or developed modules and generously share them with the community of WordPress users.

5. Support – There’s nothing easier than finding support techs and developers who are eager to help you with solving any issues of your prospective site or adding custom features to WordPress themes you use. There are also numerous tutorials with step-by-step instructions.

6. One-click-installation – this option is offered by the majority of hosting providers.

WordPress is an ideal product to use for your corporate website in case you wish to save your cash and time significantly and get convenient administrative features. Properly developed and customized, WordPress can be incredibly helpful in running your site efficiently, with maximum flexibility, according to your demands and requirements.

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