There is an opinion that Flash harms search engine visibility because of its interactivity and thus may influence your website rankings in the negative way. As search engines need textual content to read the pages it is considered that Flash becomes too heavy on images and animations for them which may cause problems with search engine optimization. Today FlashMint decided to shatter this myth and give you a helping hand again showing you easy ways of optimizing your website Flash content.

Interactive Flash animations give the possibility to present any complex content in the most effective way allowing to implement maximum facilities in minimum space not damaging the web pages design. Flash is also a perfect solution for technology websites due to its slideshow options which help to present the complex product more efficiently as well as for art and entertainment sites due to its interactive media support. But apart from advanced design and functionality your flash website must be optimized for search engines properly, otherwise you won’t succeed and won’t get the desired benefits. So in what way you can optimize your flash-powered website? Let us see!

1. SEO Flash programming

SEO Flash programming method implies the use of the primary content, DIV with search-engine-accessible and the JavaScript swfobject function to find out whether the browser can view flash. Flash content is considered to be heavy on its interactive elements that is why search engine spiders pick up the primary content which implies text, links, headings etc. In case you have the appropriate Flash player version installed the JavaScript will manipulate the DOM (document object model) in order to replace the primary content with flash movies.  Moreover, search engines are able to read text and links of the flash files according to the innovative algorithm announced by Google and Adobe in 2008 which enables flash textual content indexing. Thus you will present your interactive visual data successfully not damaging search engines which are dependent on the textual content.

2. Scalable Inman Flash Replacement

This method of optimizing Flash-based website will become a brilliant solution in case you enhance your website text, headings etc only with Flash. The mechanism of Scalable Inman Flash Replacement allows you to edit text at ease ensuring that flash content is in accordance with the HTML text which minimizes the risk of insult. It allows you to replace HTML textual elements with flash equivalents which have the unique font. SIFR technology completely matches W3C standards and is considered to be one of the most affordable methods of using web typography. The only disadvantage SIFR method may possess concerns its inability to handle interactive website elements, such as animated menus, slideshows etc.

3. Creating HTML pages

If your website is constructed only with Flash it may possess poor organization of content, unique page titles and internal links. In this case you can create separate HTML pages with Flash player installed on them to represent your every flash page so the visitors will see your website flash content and the search engines will be able to spider your web pages.

4. Using PHP

You can also pull both Flash and HTML content from the MySQL database using PHP scripts. This method makes it easier to maintain an accessible Flash-based website and provides better search engine optimization.

So now you may be sure that optimizing websites powered by Flash is easy and may not worry about the way your interactive pages will be indexed by search engines. If you want to share your own experience and techniques please feel free to leave your feedback!

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