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Bad Flash Websites: Things to Avoid

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Flash websites are not a novelty nowadays but good interactive web pages with smart and irreproachable design are really a rarity. In spite of the fact that Flash is aimed at improving visual impression and is considered to be a winning contemporary web design technology it may spoil your site image if used improperly. I bet you have seen a lot of Flash websites which design leaves much to be desired just because successful Flash techniques were misused. That is why you must be very attentive with different interactive elements while creating a Flash-based website which is about to become the most striking in its way. So today we’d like to touch upon the issue of things you must avoid if you don’t want your Flash-powered website to be one of the bad Flash sites number.

1. Surplus animation

surplus animation

Flash animation undoubtedly enhances your website presentation and gives its pages vivid and modern look. But if you will exaggerate with live action all these advantages will turn into drawbacks and will hardly make a positive impression on your visitors and customers. Moreover, don’t use animated graphics which is not relevant to the content of your website even if you think that it can add to your site image. Having flashing elements everywhere within your web pages is not the right thing to do.

2. Animated text


If you decided to make your written content blink and twinkle better think twice as such technique is a thing you must avoid beyond doubt. Of course, you can animate some slogans or headings that must attract the most attention and strike the eye of the visitors but probably not more. Textual content of your website is aimed at readers who want to find something useful and important within it so you must provide clear and comprehensible text which can be easily read. Animated effects used in text will draw the customers’ attention away from the very idea of the content and thus will appear to be not only useless but harmful as well.

3. Twitching menu


Clear navigation has always been one of the most crucial elements of a good website design. Now imagine that the user loads your site and wants to browse its pages but can not catch moving menu buttons because your menu twitches, hides, splashes and so on. Such feature is not for a good flash-based website for sure so don’t create animated menus which are too splashing to make your customers browse your site pages at ease.

4. Too much pop-ups and scrolling


You don’t have to cram your website with popping up windows and scrolling pages to make it look attractive and stylish. Vice versa, constantly moving parts of your site just distract the visitors and moreover don’t possess much sense. Make your content move and scroll only where it is necessary, besides too long website pages with endless scrolling are considered to be a bad choice as well as it bores and prevents from proper information perception. It is better to divide the information into several smaller sections for the visitors to grasp your website content easier.

5. Too little info


Creating a Flash website do not be carried away with graphics and leave enough space for the information your customers want to find. You should do your best to make the combination of your website design and content as harmonious as possible for your web pages to have the real value.

If you decided to construct an interactive website do not turn it into an online showcase of all Flash techniques you learned to do. Just because you know how to create animations doesn’t mean you should implement all of them at once. Think creatively, make it stylish not irritating!

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