FlashMint has some Christmas gifts for you! From today and till January 1st you are getting an opportunity to own absolutely free Flash christmas greeting e-cards designed exclusively by FlashMint.com. We are glad to give away these eye-catching and cheerful Flash holiday cards for Christmas congratulations.

FlashMint Christmas Bundle

What an awesome way to say the warm and happy messages to the co-workers, closest friends, relatives and beloved to make them a little bit happier this Christmas. See our free flash greeting e-cards below:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year free flash card

Free Flash Card

Light free flash Christmas card

Free Flash Card

Free flipbook flash greeting card

Free Flash Card

FYI: Each greeting card package comes with corresponding source files (.psd, .fla, .xml, .swf). Also, we’ve updated the Christmas e-cards packages with brief and self-explanatory instructions.

Our Flash Christmas and New Year cards are perfectly FREE, so go ahead and download them right away from here!

Oh, and don’t forget to checkout our Christmas offer. From today and till January 1st you have a great chance to purchase the most incredible flash and website templates with up to 70% OFF. Don’t miss the opportunity and choose your template right now.

Holidays Web Design Resources for 2011-2012

We’ve prepared an ultimate collection of custom web design resources for upcoming holidays season 2011-2012 for beginners and web designers. Check out exclusive Christmas greeting cards, email templates, special offer pages, holidays banners and many other handy resources at FlashMint Christmas Web Design Bundle right now!

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18 Responses to “Free Flash Christmas e-cards for everyone!”

  1. Becky says:

    What an awesome present, thank you FlashMint team!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good Stuff! Can anyone tell me which version of flash will this work on? Dint worked on my flash 08.

  3. Matt says:

    I downloaded the files and it’s great except that the Light free flash Christmas card that is Blue does not have the proper FLA file as it will not generate a working swf on it’s own right now.

  4. Littlemt says:

    I can’t get my fonts to work. It comes up as big chunks of abstract white boxes….would that have something to do with Flash CS5? How do I fix it?

  5. Elizabeth says:

    The .fla file for the red Christmas card 2 is corrupted. Do you have the original .fla file that is uncorrupted? I’d like to change the song. Thanks.

  6. Littlemt says:

    I opened the file in CS4 and it works great. but now I have the same problem as Matt. It will not get past loading when exported into a swf file. Any solutions Flash mint people?

  7. Aurelie says:

    I dont have recieved the link for download the files..
    Somebody can help me ? ?????
    I’ve tested 2 different mail adress…

    thank u

  8. shumo says:

    Why in flash movie don’t show other language characters, I changed encodings, but no results. Please Help!

  9. SL says:

    How do you open it?
    Will others be able to open it as well through email?

  10. Jowa says:

    i downloaded the link but i dont whcih file to open the flash card? n how to insert in mail body??? pls help! urgent!!! thanks

  11. flashmint says:

    Hello Elizabeth, we’ve reloaded the .fla to the package. You may re-download it again.

  12. flashmint says:

    Aurelie, double check spam/junk boxes. Let us know if this helps.

  13. flashmint says:

    Shumo, it looks like the flash movie doesn’t recognize the special symbols (or characters from the language you’re using). In order to make them work you need update each text area in flash movie by inputting a list of special characters separated with commas.

  14. flashmint says:

    Hi SL, in order to send flash greeting card over email you’ll have to code a mail newsletter and embed the flash into it. Another less pleasant thing about flash being read by mail programs is that only Outlook 2003, Outlook Express and Mac mail do display flash stuff when other simply ignore it.

  15. flashmint says:

    Hi there, our flash greeting cards require Adobe Flash CS3 or higher

  16. flashmint says:

    Matt, we’ve updated the first flash greeting card with missing class files. As for the “Light” one, it is ok as it is. We’ve tried the fla on different computers and had no problem compiling it. Can you send a screenshot of the error message you’re getting?

  17. flashmint says:

    Hi Littlemt, what file are you working with? Can you send a screenshot with the issue at karen [at] flashmint [dot] com?

  18. flashmint says:

    Hi Jowa, you’ll need to code the mail newsletter according to mail templates standards.

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