Mint Editor is a user-friendly desktop CMS, which was developed by Flashmint in order to help our customers manage their flash XML templates without any special knowledge.

Mint Editor is not a standalone product as many may consider it to be and is not being sold separately. It is a convenient admin interface sold in a package with a selection of XML templates, which allows you to manage flash content without actually looking into the XML code.
While opened in Mint Editor, the template is represented as a structured combination of various flash components, with a separate set of configuration settings for each of them. This allows a great flexibility in template customization.

Now let’s take a closer look at the application:

It does not require an installation, so you just need to run TemplatesEditor.exe to launch it.

Once launched, click the “Open” button and guide the application to the index.html file of your template.

The template layout will appear in the browser window right in the center of Mint Editor. This is very handy, for you can see the changes on-the-fly, without leaving the application.

The left toolbar contains 3 tabs of general template settings. Here you can manage the overall color scheme, background, logo and add audio files which play in background.

In order to see your changes you need to hit “Save” button and then the “Refresh” button, right next to it. The changes will appear in the browser window immediately.

The right toolbar represents the contents of the template menu. This is the place where you add new pages and the corresponding buttons. Use the right click to Add, Edit or Delete items.


There are 4 types of menu items that can be added:

  1. Home – a button, linked to the homepage of the template;
  2. Component – this item will add a page, which contains the flash component of your choice:
    • Audio gallery;
    • Image gallery;
    • Video gallery;
    • Slide show;
    • Dynamic news;
    • Dynamic text page;
    • Staff page;
    • Contact page.
  3. Menu - a drop-down button containing submenu items;
  4. Link – a link to an external page.

Each component type has its own customization settings depending on the component type. You can add categories and fill them with pages, upload media content and customize the colors of the component.

Once you have finished customizing your template, you can upload it directly to your website using Mint Editor built-in upload tool. It’s located under “Net” > “Upload…”

Fill in your host FTP details, hit the “Upload” button and your website will be published online.

As you can see Mint Editor is a full functional CMS, which makes interaction with your flash template easy and convenient. You no longer need to ask your developer each time you need to make some changes to your website. With Mint Editor you can customize your site in seconds!

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