First I would like to say that we make our customers life easier ;) What I mean is that we always do our best to ease the editing process of flash templates. We have good collection of flipbook templates but all of them are simple flash templates, you need to know the flash to modify the content, add the pages etc. Now you have the chance to get dynamic flipbook templates. Here is the brief overview.

Why choosing flip books?

Dynamic flip book templates give the customer unique opportunity to build eye catching and user friendly website within a couple of hours. You can add as many pages as required without deep knowledge of flash technology and action script.

This product is truly customer oriented. We tried to make things as simple as possible. All script settings are stored in external text files, so you can reconfigure the template within a couple of minutes.

The dynamic nature of Flip Book templates makes the website load faster. Now you do not have to wait for 10 minutes till the website loads. In fact it happens in seconds and the majority of the visitors do not even notice the loader at all.

Getting started.

To insert your own content you will need 2 variants of each page:

1. Big JPG image 850х1088(actual pages in 100% size)

2. Small JPG image 85х109(page thumbnails)

Every big image must be converted in SWF format(Flash 8), this is required for graphics dithering and http links embedding.

After you have prepared all pages you should edit the XML file and define path top the appropriate images. It is very important to keep existing naming system.

To edit the “content menu” please open mag.fla file using adobe flash 8, find “subContent symbol” in flash library, open the 1st frame of layer3 and go to line 18 in action script panel. This will allow you to create your own menu.

Navigation Items.

ZOOM Button- set page scale to 100%.

FULLSCREEN Button – switches fullscreen mod on.

PAGES Button – displays page preview thumbnails.

CONTENTS Button – Shows flip book content links.

SAVE Button – download PDF/DOC version of the flip book.

PRINT Button – prints the current page.

FAVORITES Button – adds website to favorites.

SEND Button – sends the website URL by email.

LINKS Button – the list of link partners.

NOTES Button – adds a note to the page.

SOUNDS Button – switches ON/OF the sound track.

HELP Button – brief navigation description

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6 Responses to “Finally you can get Dynamic Flipbook Templates!”

  1. flashmint says:

    I would not call it “website builder ;) because it does not have the admin panel yet, but we are working on it.
    It is very easy to change the content of the flipbook, the only thing you have to do is to create a design, save it as .jpg file and overwrite with the existing file.
    We are planning to make it CMS flipbook template, you will be able to make all the major changes via admin panel.

  2. seo blog says:

    This is an interesting article, your a very good writer,keep it up.

  3. Jules says:

    “Every big image must be converted in SWF format(Flash 8)”

    How does one do this? x

  4. flashmint says:

    There are several popular software available that will convert an image into SWF format. You may check Macromedia Flash Paper that will easily print documents to Flash SWF.

  5. Jules says:

    Umm sorry if im being thick but I still dont understand how i convert the jpegs to swf…

  6. flashmint says:

    hi Jules,

    Our support team will be able to assist you. Thus, I would recommend you
    to submit a ticket at

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