The best always means “on top”. Despite the fact that Flash has been here for ages, it is still on top positions when it comes to dynamic website design. Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform that helps to add animated elements and video to web pages. You can achieve an awesome visual experience that is not possible with CSS and HTML and provide your users with high-quality site performance. The nature of Flash websites is always to put functionality over WOW effect. The Flash technology opens wide prospects for your business, too. Depending on your industry and products, you can create something completely different from what your competitors have. However, a good flash website doesn’t have to be built from scratch. Today is the age of low cost but still excellent Flash website templates They contain the most recent animation techniques and deliver a new level of interactivity for web pages. Definitely, Flash templates for websites have their pros and cons, but it is obvious that they deserve priority and respect among both professional developers and simple users.

In the showcase collection below we’d like to present you the most creative and popular Flash templates of 2012 and believe that you’ll find them useful enough to apply some of them to your future Flash-based web projects.

Photographer/Portfolio Sites

A large branch of Flash templates dominates portfolio and photography websites. Along with great design, users get improved SEO capabilities and high-speed site loading. Flash-based photographer templates allow many photo artists express their creative ideas freely. Some of free flash website templates can even be equally good as the paid ones.

Models Photo Portfolio Flash CMS Template

Photo Portfolio Theme For WordPress

Business and Finance Sites

What is important for Flash business sites? Fast page loading, clear and structured information. And still it has to remain attractive and functional. All this is available at affordable prices with Business Flash Templates. With the right Flash solution your business site can achieve high professional results in the online market.

Clean Business Flash CMS Site

Music Sites

Best Music Flash templates can be a great idea for young musicians, music bands and other artists who work with music to showcase talents online. Creating a professionally looking website is as easy as ABC now. Moreover, a set of customization options will bring uniqueness to your online presence.

Music Band Flash CMS Template

eCommerce Sites

What else could be as popular as online shopping nowadays? It’s simply the fact of today’s market life. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to rob a bank to launch your business online. Flash website templates may help your projects accomplish exciting results and gain great popularity.

Android Mobile Store Flash CMS Website

Jewelry Ecommerce Flash Template With CMS

Interior Design Sites

If you are involved in interior design and would like to promote your website online, there is a brilliant solution for high quality website establishment – Flash Interior design templates. With their help, you can present your company or just share your creative interior design ideas with the entire world. Flash templates will be the most winning choice due to their exclusive design and wonderful functionality.

Interior Design Flash CMS Website

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  1. Colin Dawson says:

    Some of these flash templates are brilliant!

    But I have to mention that creating a website is just the starting point, it is no use having a website if you are not going to use some techniques to generate traffic towards the site and once you recieve that traffic, to be compelling to the viewer. (As I learnt the hard way in the past)!

    Not many people know of the wide range of techniques that you can use to generate traffic to your site and in turn achieve a higher search engine ranking and secure leads.

    Coincidentally, I have just recieved a mailing from a company called Intellimon, which specialize in website design software and traffic generation services. And in this mailing, they are offering a module from their Complete Guide To Traffic training course completely free for Thankgiving. I redeemed my free module last night from a choice of 30, and have learnt so much, and am already applying these techniques to my site. The link they provided was to their Facebook page, I totally recommend you check it out, as you can never have too much knowledge on this stuff.

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