If you’re just thinking to get started with Twitter Bootstrap, the following article is just for you. Firstly, we need to tell that Bootstrap released by Twitter is really helpful web design kit for creating good looking interface and сross-browser compatibility. It is aimed at providing a heap of useful CSS classes and IDs in a single library that’s really easy to use. Bootstrap includes a great amount of user interface elements that can be used on any site or web application.

Our team also didn’t remain indifferent to such a helpful innovation, and today we are happy to present you a new category in our templates gallery – Twitter Bootstrap templates! It has been a year since the framework was launched, and within such a short period it has become one of the most popular projects in the world’s largest social coding service!

What is it all about? Actually it is a collection of well-crafted interface elements, layouts, and javascript tools, freely available for use in any design project. It includes basic CSS and HTML for typography, tables, buttons, grids and many other helpful features. It was created by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton on Twitter-based framework to encourage consistency across internal tools. Bootstrap works by providing a clean and uniform solution to the most common, everyday interface tasks, that developers may come across.

As a matter of fact, Twitter Bootstrap is just a single CSS file that provides the whole style and layout support along with a few Javascript files. One of the most attractive sides of Bootstrap is that it uses LESS which is more powerful preprocessor than usual CSS. With the help of LESS the Bootstrap got a range of useful features like nested declarations, variables, operations, and color functions, what made Bootstrap much easy to use. Just drop it on a code and get ready to go.

With our Twitter Bootstrap templates you have a chance to try all the advantages of this Framework:

Twitter Bootstrap Business Web Template

Twitter Bootstrap Template For Website

Twitter Bootstrap Corporate Template

But let’s get back to the Twitter Bootstrap from the very start of its existence: released in August 2011, Bootstrap has been conceived as a solution helping to avoid difficulties connected with inconsistencies between individual applications. From that time Bootstrap has grown significantly to encompass not only basic styles, but also more elegant and durable front-end design patterns. Since then Bootstrap accelerated to one of the most usable projects on GitHub, the largest open source code host in the world.

Twitter Bootstrap became strong enough to empower any web interface. It comes with a huge variety of different elements: from buttons to forms. These elements are generally focused on application development, but some non-interactive elements are also good enough to be integrated into a static website.

 One of the best options presented by Bootstrap is a navigation toolkit which can be used to apply several different types of complex navigation elements in seconds. The other thing that has to be mentioned is Bootstrap stylesheet: it provides an easy-to-implement 960 grid for efficient layout, as well as expertly crafted styles for typography, navigation, tables, forms, buttons and more. To take care of everyday JavaScript touches, Bootstrap provides a well-built set of jQuery plugins for the drop-down menus, tabs, modal boxes, tooltips, alert messages and more.

 The main goal of this review was to give you a fair and impartial general impression of Bootstrap by Twitter. There are many pros and cons of it but the one idea is obvious – Twitter’s created an ultimately useful set of tools that are going to be updated with fresh options and ideas from time to time. Just try it out based on one of the recently Twitter Bootstrap templates and build gorgeous interfaces!

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