Top 20 VirtueMart Sites of 2012

We all know how great Joomla is and are aware of its cool features covered in our earlier articles. For example, it’s a quite potent platform for running a gallery and portfolio website. But what if you deal with online sales and would like to use Joomla? Do you have to set up your online shop elsewhere or beside your Joomla website and somehow connect the two? The answer is ‘not in the slightest’. Why? Because VirtueMart saves you this headache. ‘What’s VirtueMart anyway?’- you might wonder. Well, VirtueMart is a free open source PHP e-commerce solution specifically tailored to be used with Joomla in the capacity of its extension. It supports an unlimited number of products and categories, multiple categories assignment and multiple prices per product, downloadable items sales, a fairly wide range of payment gateways as well as an ability to work in the catalogue mode (with shopping cart features inactivated). Despite being written in PHP, VirtueMart allows editing its pages in HTML and CSS mode, and since version 1.1 has streamlined the process of changing product, checkout, cart and category pages themes.

Let us take a glimpse at a stunning variety of online shops powered by VirtueMart Joomla e-commerce extension.

Tracy Wine Jellies

A gourmet and winery products shop with lots of movement and flash navigation menu.


A hair extensions selling website. Its shopping cart conveniently includes color chart.

Hanz de Fuko

A men’s hair care products shop. Very large product images, very vivid white on black product descriptions.

Know Label

А simple and yet effective site. The use of white space puts focus on the product images helping to showcase the clothes.

Cerjo USA

This glasses online shop features header slider where hot propositions can be advertised and mouse hover pop-ups with product details in the catalogue.

 Moreton Hire

This one is a catalogue to be used for price inquiries, a real life example of one of VirtueMart features implementation.

The Original Bread Company

A fresh and appetizing bakery products store

Innovative Baby

This site stands out thanks to its bright design and sparse catalogue layout.


A women clothing online store that features enlarged items view in mouse hover pop-ups in product catalogue

 Wall Murals Direct

A clean style online store for selling mural art with a unique navigation. The site allows creating personal murals through image upload.


If you’re heavily into business you may be constrained in time for developing a custom website design, since it’s not always a fast and straightforward process. Besides, ordering a website from a web master may pose a financial burden your budget isn’t prepared to bear. In the circumstances when a Joomla web store must be set up quickly and at the lowest cost possible, the best solution would be Joomla template with VirtueMart built in. In this case all you face is the minimal work of installation and configuration of the template parameters. Given the diversity of Joomla VirtueMart templates, taking advantage of them is an opportunity not to be missed.

Men’s Clothing Template For Virtuemart

Gun Shop Template For Virtuemart

Cute Clothes Virtuemart Template

Exclusive Coffee Virtuemart Template

Photo Lab Store Virtuemart Template

Shooting & Guns Virtuemart Template

Royal Wines Virtuemart Theme

Fashion Clothes Virtuemart Template

Sexy Lingerie Shop Template For Virtuemart

Spice Store Template For Virtuemart

If you’re already using Joomla, installation of VirtueMart is the most shortcut, efficient and economic way of setting up a web store. And for those who are only planning to have an online store, VirtueMart gives Joomla a big advantage over non-CMS types of websites and at the same time gives other types of CMS which aren’t blessed with a dedicated e-commerce extensions a long run for their money, despite of them being freeware.

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