Just not so long ago we didn’t give so much consideration to the way our website would appear on viewer’s monitor, because nine times out of ten standard desktop monitors had the same screen size. But due to the mobile revolution during the last years it has become increasingly important for any website to translate well across multiple platforms and devices.

Thank goodness, web developers has devised the salvatory solution to satisfy this demand, and it was called ‘responsive’ or ‘fluid’ design. It imparts a website, its layout, imagery and typography a special ability to dynamically adjust to the resolution of a screen it’s being viewed on. In fact responsive design is as much technical as it it economical, since it helps to cut expenditures for the development and maintainance of several versions of business site for different devices.

According to the latest statistical figures, the number of Internet users browsing it on mobile tech is growing fast and will soon actually outgrow the number of people accessing Internet from their desktop computers. So without exaggeration we can conclude that switching over to responsive design is a solid investment for your business future since it ensures your site exposure to the growing population of mobile tech users.

Now we’d like to invite you to check out how this concept works in the real web world. Just visit the following websites whose owners already took advantage of the nascent technology and shrink the browser window to see responsiveness in action:

Top Responsive Sites On the Net











Best Responsive Templates for Your Responsive Website

Developing a site from the ground up is quite a costly, time consuming and nerve-wracking endeavor. If you take a risk to create a responsive design on your own, you might find out it is more labor intensive and thus even more expensive. And although this route could be regarded as preferable since it guarantees uniqueness and singularity of your website design, it’s not necessarily the best option. At the current stage of web technologies development it’s absolutely possible to establish web presence quickly and relatively cheaply (and maybe even buckshee). This is possible due to opting for pre-manufactured Responsive website templates. What’s even more exciting is that responsive design concept has been adopted by the developers of pre-made themes for various types of CMS. This in turn means that fluid design is equally applicable to themes of such popular content management systems as WordPress and Joomla which makes it virtually accessible to anyone!
Some examples of awesome responsive themes are presented in the following list:

Model Agency One Page Responsive Template

Legal Help Responsive Website Template

Fashion Models Responsive Web Template

Corporate Responsive Website Template

Business Solutions Responsive Site Template

Corporate Joomla Site Template

Lab Joomla Template

Architect Magazine Wp Theme

Professional Photographer WordPress Blog

Architecture Company Theme For WordPress

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