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Jul 11 2008
Meet Advanced CP of Flash CMS v2.0 Templates

Maintaining a position in front of the competitors requires constant product innovation. That is why Flashmint’s team of web masters keeps improving its website templates usability. After a successful release of Flex CMS Flash Templates we would like to introduce to you Flash CMS v2.0 templates with advanced control panel. Here is how it looks now:

flash cms templates CP

flash cms templates CP

flash cms templates CP

So, what is special about this update? All the revolutionary traits of previous Flash CMS v2.0 templates have been supplemented with more useful features. The new ones are meant to make the interface of control panel even more structured and hence more usable. They are:

Jul 2 2008
Hot news: Google has Improved Ability to Index Flash

A new updated version of Adobe Flash Player has been released by Adobe Systems Incorporated. This edition is now at the disposal of two main search engines on the web- Google and Yahoo! Google is already using it while Yahoo! specialists are still working on its implementation.

The new function available in this new version of Player consists in indexing dynamic content of swf-objects. This will be achieved by the bot acting like a virtual visitor clicking on buttons and links etc which will download dynamic content of Flash (and Flex) sites invisible to bots before.

So, rather good news, I should say. Google has been able to index Flash to some extend before and now this ability has been substantially enhanced. Flash-skeptics can leave their worries aside and let web masters create RIA with their stunning looks.

From now on you can enjoy the benefits of Flashmint’s Flash templates without worrying how SE-friendly they are. They are Google-friendly and will soon be Yahoo!-friendly. So, this is a new milestone in further making Flash a common sight on the web.

Jun 12 2008
Flex CMS Templates - An Advance Over FlashMint Competitors

As you may have noticed, Flashmint developers team is striving for innovations and never stops at what has been accomplished. The buzz around Flash CMS2 Templates has not come down yet, and here is another topic for discussion - Flex CMS Flash Templates. This kind of CMS templates has been just released, and you are probably the first who will find out about it. Ready to know what is it so special?

  • Intuitive and innovative interface. It allows to upload images, create image galleries, modify the text of the pages, upload and manage the MP3s that play on your site, and set the email address for the form.
  • Drag’n'Drop function
  • Control from keyboard
  • Works on any platform (Win, Mac, Linux)
  • Super easy to use
  • No additional software required

But that is not all, to make you left all the doubts behind and demonstrate that our Flex CMS templates release is simply a break-through and has no analogues, we offer Demo Version on how the admin panel looks and functions.

Admin Panel Demo Version

As you see, managing flash websites is getting easier and faster for those who have basic knowledge in website building and value their time. Though there are only 4 Flex CMS templates in Flashmint collection, they are worthy of your attention. Check out them and make sure that good wine needs no bush!

Photo Gallery Flex CMS Flash Template Demo

Photo&Video Flex CMS Flash Template Demo

Art Motion Flex CMS Flash Template Demo

Photo Circle Flex CMS Flash Template Demo

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Apr 30 2008
Flash Fights for Search Engine Rankings
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Mesmerizing interactivity offered by Flash web-sites runs the risk of being left completely inconspicuous since Flash web-pages do not rank well with search engines. This problem has been attracting attention of web-developers for quite a long time already and it seems that no perfect solution has been offered so far.

Does Google index your .swf files?
The frequent question “Does Google index your .swf files?” seems to have been answered by the company. “Google reads Flash, so optimize it” is the title of the post on the It describes how Google implements Adobe Systems’ Search Engine SDK technology. However, the results are not absolute and further improvements are awaited, but the web developers can start optimizing the content of the Flash sites. Another good tool to supplement SDK is It checks how appealing your text for a search engine is after you have applied SDK.


Apr 24 2008
15 Gee-Wiz Flash Websites Of The Year

You think that you know all what you can do with Flash? Sure? We have put up a top 15 of the best Flash-based web sites of the year 2008. Come and check up on them, I am sure you will find something you have not yet seen.

1. St. Ives Elements – Get a Happy Face is a terrific commercial! It has an excellent combination of graphic motion and outstandingly amazing navigation. The women’s face care means become alive in front of your eyes blending with the natural elements from which they are made. As you put your cursor on one of the components of the web site, it is very suitably foregrounded.

2. Microsoft Office for Mac is a Flash-animated black and white web site from Microsoft with a very peculiar design. The whole array of people, numbers are chaotically moving to and fro on the site. And what is the visitor supposed to do? Of course, buy it. A little bit strange, but still interesting.

3. Robobrawl from Intel and Xeon is a real challenge for a visitor. Can you brawl your way to the top? They have already done it and now it is your turn to try. Excellent 3D-graphics will be a good inspiration for you. So, go ahead, create your own robot and enter the ring.

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