Once Flash invaded the web it was presented in two main aspects – animated advertisements (banners) and Flash Intros which were considered to be a major enhancement for any website. Developing further Flash has gained a great power becoming a one-stop solution for all web developers from beginners to professionals due to its unmatched interactive design and advanced technological features. But interactive banners and intros are still in use though they are of different value nowadays among the web developers.

The most discussed matter which is thought to possess both pros and cons implies Flash Intro pages use. If you delve into this issue you won’t find a certain opinion in favor of Flash Intros or against them. Today we will try to make things clear.

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A lot of webmasters tend to think that Flash Intros are a waste of time and web space as they are quite useless. So here appears a question – should we use Flash Intros for our websites or not? This is rather tough question as there is no single answer to it because the issue of Flash Intros use is too relative. That is why we will try to identify not only the advantages and disadvantages of intro pages but how and when they should be implemented as well.

There are two main reasons why web developers and some of the customers may not like Flash Intros:

1. Loading time

Flash Intros cause the increase of homepage file size which means surplus page loading time. Flash Intro is a short movie which implies not only text but some graphics and music as well so that is why it takes some additional time for the intro movie to load. Though you are trying to invite the visitors to your site in the most polite an effective way not all of them would agree with this idea. Flash Intros which make your potential customers wait too long can appear the reason they leave not even entering your official home page.

2. Search Engine Optimization

There is an opinion that search engines can not index interactive web pages properly which causes poor search engine optimization and weak popularity of your website. The text embedded in the Flash movie may not be picked up by search engines as well so all your time and efforts spent on Flash Intro creation appear to be useless.

These points are considered to be main disadvantages of Flash Intros but in fact they are not so frightening as one may suggest. Contemporary web development technologies allow us to overcome a lot of technical difficulties that might have appeared lately. For instance, nowadays special techniques are implemented to provide proper search engine optimization of flash-based pages which means that your flash-powered intro page may be indexed so you won’t experience problems with search engines any more. The same thing concerns Flash Intro loading time – designed properly your interactive website intro won’t take too much time to load and won’t make your customers leave before they see your pages.

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To tell the truth – and you can’t but agree with this statement – anything used improperly may cause problems and possess disadvantages. Flash Intros are not the exception so let’s consider the cases when you should use interactive intro pages for a winning result and when it is better to avoid them. Before you create a Flash Intro for your website you should think over its purpose and decide whether it is necessary at all or not. For instance, if you run a personal website there is probably no need to design an additional page which won’t add any value to the whole site. Moreover, there is always something like an About page which will tell every visitor about you and your website purpose. But in case you are going to start up an e-commerce website Flash Intro may come in handy for real. Getting interested in any online offer every user wants to know the main features and benefits of the business at once without browsing a lot, so your main task is to captivate the viewer from the first click. This is the main thing Flash Intro serves for – it is a perfect solution for displaying marketing-centric content. It allows concentrating on the most winning qualities of your online business highlighting the advantages of your products and services effectively. So we can say with certainty that using Flash Intros for any corporate website is undoubtedly the right thing to do as this will help you promote your business successfully.

As you see, though some may say that Flash Intros do not contain a lot of useful information they still can bring benefits. To make a conclusion we want to list the important advantages Flash Intro pages possess:

1. Eye-catching design

Animation and interactivity maintained by Flash Intro makes a dramatic impression on every viewer especially when implemented properly and with style. This is an excellent way to amaze both your customers and business partners drawing their attention to what you are involved in. Good Flash Intro can really make your entire website attracting any user from the first look.

2. Efficient delivery of content

Flash Intro gives you an opportunity to highlight the main advantages of your website in quick and very effective way before the viewer will open your home page. Just think over the brief presentation of your site content if you invite your visitors to your personal pages, or of the services and products you offer if your website is of commercial type.

3. Advanced functionality

You are allowed to use Flash Intro to the full capacity implementing advanced facilities within it, such as interactive menus. This enhances your site presentation, increases the value of your Flash Intro page and improves the impression made on the visitors.

To consolidate all that was mentioned above we have prepared the compilation of Flash Intros used successfully for you to get inspired.

Theologos House of Jewellery

flash intro design

Battle For Milkquarious

flash intro animation


flash intro websites

Plug Into the Smart Grid

flash intro samples

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  1. I really like Eye-catching design & SEO. These things attract the viewer thanks for defining the points

  2. I say NO WAY! unless its like for a video game, I always skip flash intro’s unless it is really really creative.

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