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We’ve prepared this post for everyone who’s maintaining at least one Facebok fanpage and Timeline profile. Have you ever experienced troubles with putting a lot of effort, time and money into your Facebook presence and receiving no conversion? It’s pretty much one of the most popular Facebook account managers’ mistakes – ignoring the standards of engaging, user-friendly and calling to action designs. We’re going to teach you how to build effectively appealing page for any niche without spending a fortune.

First of all, you’ve got to know at least 7 reasons why it’s so important and inevitably necessary for you to have impressive fanpage design:

  • Facebook is an open space where more than 30% of world’s population is hanging out. It’s just about the way to approach them :)
  • Highest ROI ever… Invest minimum time and money and enjoy the results.
  • Is there any better way to engage fans other than via “word of mouth”? I haven’t seen yet, except for Facebook, of course.
  • Today it’s 10, tomorrow it’s 100, and in a week it’s about 1k or more. Guess what? Right, your brand awareness and exposure. Thank your friends and fans.
  • Spend less time and get more leads. Yes, that’s possible with Facebook.
  • Amazing chance to gain targeted audience in one place.
  • Have fun, share experience, do business …. and finally, make money!

We’ve gathered 50 most creative templates with killer and high-conversion layouts that will put your Facebook presence to another level. There are two types of Facebook templates within our Facebook Bundle – Fanpage Tempates and Timeline Covers. Should you be running a corporate fanpage or personal account on Facebook, we’ve got you covered with multipurpose templates and lowest prices on the net!

Check out Facebook Pack right now to learn how to build engaging Facebook presence in three easy steps.

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