Today is the most romantic day of the year! Hope, you’ll meet it with your couple in a charming place drinking red wine with delicious cakes. These sweets and red color are the main attributes of St. Valentine’s day, and of course the lovely valentine. Have you prepared it for your beloved? If not, you have the last chance to get creative ideas in our showcase and gladden your sweetheart. Just look over our captivating roundup, choose the style of the postcard, write inscription and you are really ready for the day of all lovers. Remember, that words are very important. Enjoy!

Love recipe

Give your second part a special gift, that you both will remember. Lovely design of the valentine shows the wise recipe of mutual and everlasting love.

Love recipe

Sexy valentine

He’ll be pleasantly surprise to get so hot love-card. Charming design and bold typography make this valentine romantic, original and really eye-catching.

sexy valentine

You are here

You don’t need a lot of words to express your true feelings, the heart is so small, but affection is endless. Laconic Valentine’s card for your darling.

you are here

The key to my heart

To present such postcard with these warm words – is the best way to let your sweetheart know you are fall in love.

the key to my heart

Hot love

Stunning combination of words and picture. Show your affection with this witty card and it will by far help you to win your sweetie’s heart.

hot love

Post office

St. Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to express deepest feelings and love. Cupid brings a lovely letter and touching confession for your darling.

Post office

You’re my type

If you present your beloved such cute postcard you can puzzle their, cause its image is not typical for Valentine’s day, but the words are more than pathetic.

you are my type

Happy Valentine’s day

“You leave a soldering crater in my heart – but in a good way”. Very interesting Valentine’s day card idea.

Happy Valentine's day

I love you

If you buy a gift and it’s a super fancy and expensive – it won’t touch your partner’s soul, if there is no creativity in it. This valentine stands out from the others, cause it has really original and uncommon confession of love. Have you ever seen such stunning inscription?

I love you more than me

Sick of you

Looking at these words, it’s hard to say that this is a Valentine’s postcard, it seems as a love-maniac is chasing you :) . I am joking, yes, love is a sickness, but so tempting and pleasant :) .

sick of you

Have the most happy and fascinating St. Valentine’s day, friends! FlashMint team wishes you only mutual love and patience.

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