Simple Bis. Business CMS flash template
Simple Bis. Business CMS flash template
If you are a fond of simple, austere and restrained style you will obviously fall in love with this Simple Bis. Business CMS flash template. The contrastive palette and perfect layout will create firm and business-like image of your company. Actually, it is the main goal which must be attained by the templates like this. The other positive feature is the possibility of editing the website content easily without any difficulties. It is really the example to follow.

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    NO SOFTWARE REQUIRED. The admin interface allows you to add unlimited number of pages, manage name, slogan, copyright, background, colors, sound tracks, forward massages from contact form to your email.
    UNIX hosting with php5/xml support.
    NOTE! We supply Business CMS with flash animated elements that require Adobe Flash CS3+ to edit.
    HTML(no html version included if flash site), PHP, PSD, SWF, XML
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