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You know that we at FlashMint are striving for providing limitless opportunities for our customers. Thus, our latest action in this area was expanding our huge flash file gallery with a collection of FlashMoto CMS products. The new offer was announced as extremely beneficial and you might wonder why. Itís time to look under the hood of FlashMoto CMS and tell you why it is going to make you excited (and it will, for sure!).

The greatest thing about FlashMoto is that it caters both for flash developers and the end users. Letís look closer at the features it offers to each party.

What's in it for the users

Normally itís not an easy task to create a full-fledged flash website. However, FLashMoto CMS has opened up possibilities that were once unthinkable for an average user. If you are about creating your own website, here are a few reasons to consider FlashMoto templates:

1. Rich WYSIWYG editing environment.

Usable drag-and-drop interface allows you to access and edit any content element practically in one click. Basically the entire process of content editing boils down to the dragging and clicking ñ can you imagine anything more user-friendly?

2. Ability to add unlimited number of pages and pop-ups.

When they say ìunlimitedî they mean it. FlashMoto is the first flash CMS that implements this option.

3. SEO-friendliness.

Websites built with FlashMoto CMS are entirely indexable. Youíve probably heard of ìdeep linkingî as a cure for the linking problem in Flash. This mechanism is successfully implemented in FlashMoto. In other words, the CMS allows you to create links that will take the users to any page or any specific state of the application on your site. Besides, with FlashMoto CMS you can create really accurate page titles and URLs, make use of the ìnofollowî and ìnoindexî values of the ìrelî attribute, optimize the use of images and add page meta tags. Simply speaking, you can make your flash website be loved by Google and other major search engines.

4. No developer skills & additional software required.

Flash is now a much more accessible platform than it was a few years ago. FlashMoto CMS with its user-friendly GUI and intuitively positioned tools proves that well. Now even your mom can create her very own flash website.

5. Multilingual Control Panel.

FlashMoto Control Panel has been translated into 12 languages and two more are going to be available in the nearest future. It takes a couple of actions to switch to your native language.

6. Font Manager.

Not only can you operate the system in your native language, but you can also create a website in any language you like using the Font Manager. By means of the online font creator you can convert any font into .swf format and then upload it on your flash site.

7. Media Library & Preload Item option.

Forget about external file uploaders and media galleries. You can upload and store all media files in FLashMotoís in-built Media Library. In the newest Flash templates you can take advantage of the Preload Item option which enables you to choose which image should be displayed while the site is loading.

8. Secure Control Panel.

The guys at FLashMoto (no names when security is discussed) take all appropriate measures to keep your website protected against dangerous intrusions. In their own words: ìYou can be sure that all your information is stored as securely as possibleî.

FlashMoto CMS is a universal and appealing web developer solution as well. It includes a number of features that provide an easy workflow for flash designers and developers of all levels.

Whatís in it for flash developers.

1. Versatility.

FlashMoto team guarantees that practically any type of flash websites can be built and managed within FLashMoto CMS.

2. Powerful ActionScript 3.0 API.

FlashMoto is the first Flash CMS based on ActionScript 3.0. It triggers the rich opportunities given by Flash CS3, CS4 and Flash Player 10.

3. Wide range of basic modules and utils.

A number of design elements and segments, such as scrollbar, progress bar, paginator, dropdown menu, gallery, contact form, audio player and others, are common for the most of flash websites. These basic utilities and modules are included into FLashMoto CMS by default, so you can quickly add a certain website element or customize the whole design block instead of creating it from scratch.

4. Easy-to-use for your clients.

With FlashMoto CMS you can improve the developer-customer workflow to the most mutually effective collaboration.

5. Custom module and widget integration.

This option illustrates the flexibility of FlashMoto CMS: it enables you to develop your own modules as separate .swf applications and embed them into the site you are building or directly in the control panel to adjust FlashMoto CMS functionality to your specific needs.

As you can see, the feature list of FLashMoto CMS is quite impressive. Moreover, the next version of the CMS expected to be released in the end of April will include enhanced functionality and usability. You can safely get the FlashMoto template right now and then simply update to the version 1.2 for free.

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