Flash CMS V2 Templates Description
Flash CMS Templates v.2 are created to help make websites that can be automatically updated using a CMS. Most of the actions in terms of website management and content editing can be performed by user directly from the admin panel. If CMS v.1 was mostly dedicated to galleries management, CMS v.2 provides you with a much wider range of possibilities and help you save a lot of time you spend on managing your website.

As CMS v.2 is a next step of evolution of a previous CMS version, it includes all the functions CMS v.1 had, but there are a lot more additional functions available now.

Here is what's new:
  • E-commerce mod: you can sell products online.
  • Manageable sound player: add sounds and set play mode.
  • Drag & drop technology: you can sort images, news, tracks, multiple images can be uploaded at once.
  • You can search for the images both within the control panel interface and within the site. The search is performed throughout the whole gallery within the keywords and the titles.
  • You can edit: company name, slogan, logo, copyright, menu names, site background. You can also preview your logo and background while uploading.
  • You can manage all texts, add your own text into existing pages.
  • You can manage color schemes for menu, copyright, page titles, company name and slogan.
  • You can adjust the contact form to send messages.
  • Files available: not only .swf and .html, but .xml and .php as well.
CMS v.1 was created mostly as a portfolio manager, and CMS v.2 is a CMS you can manage websites of precisely any kind. There is even an E-commerce support, so you can easily set up and manage an online store using this CMS.

The new interface is extremely user-friendly too, and there will be no need for you to try to figure out how it works. Take a look at it by viewing demo. The CMS consists of three pages, which are
  • Global Settings (adding image of logo, adding background image, adding company name, slogan and copyright and changing fonts).

  • MP3Player Settings (add as many mp3 tracks as you need, change the order of tracks by "drag and drop" way, cycle the tracks or loop them, or simply disable all the music at once).

  • Pages settings (apply changes for each page, add texts and other content)

Flash Mint CMS v.2 allows you have as many as four pages on your website, and also a gallery. There are four basic fonts available for you, and four sizes for each of them. If you need to add special characters for different languages, this can be done for you via customization service.

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Type: Flash CMS
Price: $199.00 $120.00
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Price: $199.00 $120.00
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Type: Flash CMS
Price: $199.00 $120.00
Simple photo portfolio CMS v2 flash template
Type: Flash CMS
Price: $199.00 $120.00
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