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jQuery is a JavaScript library which focuses on the cooperation between JavaScript and HTML and allows to get an easy access to any element of the DOM (Document Object Model), use attributes and content of the DOM elements as well as implement their manipulation. jQuery also implies a convenient Application Programming Interface for working with Ajax. jQuery JavaScript library provides you with a creative way of constructing template engine easily via adding a special small block of code to the page top in order to call JavaScript and CSS external files. By means of such technique you get a live and dynamic page instead of simple one which possesses advanced design and navigation.

The main aim of jQuery development was to make the process of coding easier and more comfortable: multiple pieces of code should be encrypted in the way they could simplify JavaScript and be used without any problems concerning cross-browser issues.jQuery is distinguished by unobtrusive programming facilities and thus allows you to create web applications which will not only look impressive but work smoothly as well. The mechanism of jQuery extensions provides documented methods of adding them to the system which distinguish by simplicity and ease at use. This have attracted the attention of a huge community and now the manual of jQuery extensions counts over 100 examples. Another pleasant peculiarity implies an ability to add your own selectors in the same way as your own methods which simplifies the process greatly and don't require extra efforts.

There are certain benefits jQuery is distinguished by:

- it provides completely valid CSS and XHTML code according to the W3C standard
- even with disabled JavaScript the pages are still usable and can be viewed properly
- it is very easy to maintain and update the template .html file
- you can edit your template quickly without editing the code of every file
- templates pages are fast-loading
- you don't need to use any additional applications - you only need a text editor and an open source jQuery

jQuery Templates created by FlashMint stand out for impressive and functional design distinguished by dynamism and live action which make them a one-stop solution for any website you are going to establish. No matter whether you want to run some personal web pages or need to launch a corporate online project - with our jQuery Templates you will be able to set up any kind of website with minimum time and effort. You are not required to possess any extra development knowledge and don't need to be a Flash guru to create our own interactive website on the basis of our exclusive jQuery Templates. Just download any template, edit it according to your particular likings and enjoy!

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Type: jQuery
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