Flash components Description
Flash components created at FlashMint are the incredible solution for those web developers and web masters that want to fasten the work without sacrificing the quality; Flash add ins are meant for anyone who desires to enrich Flash websites with new features.

Flash components are ready-made Flash files, applications and extensions that are easy to use and require little or no Flash ActionScript knowledge. These are menus, buttons, image viewers and galleries, navigation systems, video and music players, animations, effects, icons and illustrations, preloaders and scrollbars, news readers and banner rotators, forms and maps, calculators and drawing utilities, time & date addins and charts powered by Flash.

To use Flash components you'll need Flash CS3 or higher; each product delivered by FlashMint has requirements specified at the preview pages, so make sure you read them carefully. Each Flash component has FLA, SWF files included.

Remember you can order professional modification and installation from FlashMint Customization department to help you enhance your Flash web design in no time.

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Youtube video flash component
Type: Flash components
Price: $23.00
News flash component
Type: Flash components
Price: $15.00
Links list flash component
Type: Flash components
Price: $15.00
XML map flash component
Type: Flash components
Price: $47.00
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