PayPal Secured Payment
PayPal Secured Payment
Being FlashMint customer you noticed that we set a high value on our cooperation with you and try to take care of your interests and comfort as much as we can.

Our main priority is your wellbeing and security. That is why we opt carefully our partners and every service you'll have to deal with while working with us. We try to make your cooperation with FlashMint more convenient for you.
To make your payment process the most smooth and safe we picked the most popular and reliable payment systems to work with.

PayPal is the worlds biggest debit electronic payment system. Established in 1998 the company now operates in more than hundred countries and has about 200 millions registered users. It is the worlds most popular electronic alternative to traditional payment methods like checks and money orders.

Every transaction is heavily-protected being carried out through the secured connection after the e-mail and password received with the account validation are entered. You do not have to provide any financial data to complete a purchase with PayPal, PayPal guarantees your personal data confidentiality. PayPal account validation includes the withdrawal of money from a user's card with the security code specifying, confirming the identification of the card owner. Thus the transaction is completely secure.

A PayPal account may be funded by a credit card or with an electronic debit from your bank account.
PayPal has proven to be the most comfortable, secure and trustworthy payment system. That's why FlashMint entrusts your payment process to PayPal.