Free Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter is well known by millions of web users as most popular free micro-blogging and social networking tool enabling its participants to read and send special short messages called tweets. The tweets are shown within a profile and delivered to the followers - users who have subscribed to the author's profile page. Twitter unites people all over the world and provides them with the most convenient facilities of following all essential news and events online.

FlashMint brings forward a set of ingenious Twitter Backgrounds for you to enliven and refresh your Twitter account.

1 - Star Shower

Star Shower Twitter Background

2 - Space Cocktail

Space Cocktail Twitter Background

3 - Forest Fantasy

Forest Fantasy Twitter Background

4 - Green Morning

Green Morning Twitter Background

5 - Bluish Daybreak

Bluish Daybreak Twitter Background

To download all these Twitter backgrounds as a single file, please click here.

6 - Happy Halloween

Halloween Twitter Background

To download this free Happy Halloween Twitter Background (with *.psd file), please click this link.

These are Free Twitter Layouts that you can easily download and embed within your Twitter page to impress every viewer. Minimum time, minimum efforts and maximum satisfaction from the exclusive and striking look of your Twitter profile - that is what FlashMint guarantees. Have no doubt and download these innovative backgrounds for Twitter right away to express yourself and breath the new life into your Twitter profile!

The process of changing your Twitter background is rather simple and won't require you a lot of time and efforts. Here is the list of steps you are to follow in order to install any Twitter layout:

1. Select "Settings" section at the top of your Twitter profile.
2. Click "Design" in the tab row.
3. Choose "Change background image" option and find the background image you have downloaded on your hard drive.
4. Click "Save changes" and enjoy your new Twitter background installed on your own.

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