2CO Secure Payments
2CO Secure Payments
FlashMint is well known not only for the high quality services but also for a deep concern about you, our customer. We do all that is humanly possible to bring the convenience and safety to all aspects of your cooperation with us. That's why we carefully pick our partners and services we work with.

To make your purchases smooth and safe FlashMint choose the most reliable and trustworthy payment systems.
2Checkout.com being the approved reseller for hundreds of corporeal and digital products is one of the oldest and biggest online payment systems. Found in 1999 2Checkout today operates thousands of transactions daily and provides turnkey solutions to an uncountable number of business customers from all over the world.

Each and every transaction accomplished through 2CO is protected with the highest standards of security. 2Checkout.com is certified with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), every payment is protected by the Privacy Policy and Safe Shopping Guarantee to ensure that your personal data is protected. 2CO has a patented technology that supports affiliate tracking, financial reporting, fraud prevention and tracking, customer service and sales tracking.
You'll also find it convenient that 2Checkout operates with the most popular all over the world Visa and Master Card.

FlashMint provides you with the most quality products and we also carefully choose every service you'll have to deal with while cooperating with us.