Staying socially active as ever FlashMint decided to become a part of the major event which takes place every year and unites bloggers all over the world – Blog Action Day. This day of 2009 is dedicated to the climate change – the issue that touches upon every human living on Earth. Thinking about the way FlashMint can contribute to the Blog Action Day we decided to share the techniques of creating a dynamic non-profit website which allows concentrating on any social issue. But it won’t be creating from scratch as a great amount of professional flash templates is already available; our task is to show you how you can customize an existing template to make it correspond your peculiar needs. Minding the specifics of today’s event we present you a simple tutorial how to make a non-profit website dedicated to the issue of climate change.

In order to accomplish our task we have selected one of our Charity XML Flash templates. Of course, there is a lot of simple HTML templates which are easy to customize but our choice is explained by our wish to provide you with more advanced web development experience. As you know, flash templates are distinguished by high interactivity and modern design facilities which make any website look live and incredible. Choosing flash templates for establishing any non-profit website you will create captivating animated web pages which will attract both visitors’ and sponsors’ attention which is extremely important for the non-profit activity. Due to the eye-catching flash design you will be able to highlight the most significant and urgent social issues efficiently. So get ready – today you will learn how to create dynamic non-profit website dedicated to climate change with the help of simple customization steps.

As we have chosen the XML flash template there is no necessity to edit HTML, PSD and flash files because all the information we should change is contained in .XML files of the template catalog. The photos kept within your gallery are im1 im2 etc .jpg files. Still there is one thing we need to do with HTML and it implies changing the page title. In order to do it you should open index.html file in the HTML editor you use and

change <title>main</title> to <title>Climate Change Website</title> for instance.

These are all modifications you should implement in HTML and now you are ready to pass on to the XML customization. To start you will need to find the “cgal.xml” file located next to main.swf. Mind that you must not rename this file as you may experience problems with text editing then. So after you have found the “cgal.xml” file open it in the text editor, look for the variable you need and type your text after the “=” sign.

After you have made the above changes you can start editing the menu buttons of your non-profit dynamic website replacing the existing names of the site sections with yours within the template .fla file.

Then you can start editing text parts of your website, like Who We Are and Welcome to Our Site texts.

If you want to add your own images to the website you should take into account that the new pictures must obligatory be of such width and height as the previous ones. It is very simple to change the images in the template folder and reload the page to see how the renewed page looks.

Don’t forget to update the files and all the graphics you have changed on the web server with FTP. Customize the rest of the pages in the same way you did with your main website page.

Congratulations! You have learned to customize XML flash template and now can create dynamic non-profit website according to your particular preferences! It was easy, wasn’t it?

Now you need to choose some impressive domain name for your new non-profit website and host it for which FlashMint has some useful suggestion.
If you want to get professional services from reliable web hosting company we recommend you to subscribe to our respected partner – Happy@Net as this provider possesses 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 customers support and offers such beneficial options which are hard to find somewhere else. Happy@Net will be a perfect solution for your non-profit website hosting as it supports the idea of environmental protection and offers green hosting plans which imply using renewable energy for powering and cooling the servers. And what is pleasant for you as a FlashMint client – you get 50% discount on the hosting services from Happy@Net. What can be more fantastic? Purchase a premium flash template at an affordable price, customize it easily making it look just like you want and get a marvelous discount for hosting! Don’t hesitate, go for it!

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