Flash CMS V3 Templates Description
Flash Mint CMS v.3 is one of the most up-to-date and trusted flash CMS you can find. It provides you with a possibility to manage your website easily, and get a great result. CMS v.3 guarantees you a 100% SEO-friendly website, and helps you avoid using any additional software as you manage your website content, and lets you apply some changes in design as well.

CMS v.3 is a third generation of Flash Mint CMS, and it includes all the functions available in two previous versions. Besides that, there is a lot of new stuff in it:
  • CMS v3 allows you to have as many text pages as you wish.
  • CMS provides 12 font styles and 16 font sizes.

  • You can add images either from your PC or from web.
  • Now you can add page title and keywords to your index page, what helps to improve SEO of your website.
  • No limits for galleries. Now you can not only easily add and edit them, but also rotate, crop, re-size and do any other editing of your images right on the website, as well as search the images and galleries.

  • The admin panel in CMS v3 is built with Flex.
  • It is possible now to modify and configure your menu, set a default page and change it with the new menu editor any time you wish.

These improvements helped to create a CMS that would be multi-purposed, and was good to manage websites of any type. This CMS will save you a lot of time, and website managing turns out to be a very simple task.

The admin panel of Flash Mint CMS v.3 consists of two parts: Page Wizard and Settings Wizard, each of them is responsible for a number of actions. Such structure simplifies the editing process and makes it be less time-consuming. View the demo to see what it is like.

We also welcome you to check out our video tutorials, which were created to make it even more simple for you.

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Frame style CMS v3 photo portfolio
Type: Flash CMS
Price: $203.00 $122.00
Blue waters CMS v3 flash portfolio template
Type: Flash CMS
Price: $205.00 $123.00
Lovely bulbs flash CMS v3 personal design portfolio
Type: Flash CMS
Price: $205.00 $123.00
Green creature CMS v3 flash portfolio template
Type: Flash CMS
Price: $199.00 $120.00
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