Fashion comes and goes. Style always stays. In our context style means minimalist web design. It is definitely hard to create something simple but at the same time attractive using just a few design resources. However, many people still “yawn” while looking at minimalistic websites. Unfortunately, we already got used to overloaded sites that opiate and poison our sense of real beauty.

What is Minimalistic Web Design? It is the purest form, the reduction of something to its bare essentials giving out, more attention to elements that really matter. Such design avoids unnecessary distractions and stays clean, whatever website purpose is. Minimalistic design is not about developing the same white clones with black typography. It is about unique and creative layouts which, despite their limited design, are able to deliver the “WOW effect” to the visitors.

Where Can You Use It?

Talking about minimalistic web design for Business sites, it has to be mentioned that it keeps top level positions for years. Such design has a pile of advantages: it reduces time to load a page, it takes less server resources, it enables faster development process. The answer to a question ‘Where can you use minimalism?’ is ‘anywhere’. It is a good practice to follow. You will never make any harm to your web project using less elements than competitors do.

Minimalistic Site Must Haves:

  • Subject. Keep visitor’s attention to the major information.

  • Usability. Your site has to be as functional as possible. Minimalism should never interfere with the ease of use. There are some golden rules defining usability: links should be easy to identify and to click on. Returning to homepage should be fast and intuitive. Pop-up windows should contain ‘close’ buttons. A page currently viewed by the user should be indicated.
  • Balance. Make sure that all design elements are relevant enough to be presented on your website.

     Learning To Use White Space

    White space or Nothingness is one of those things that only mature designers can use without any fears. When you have some free space, you want to fill it with something. Of course, it might work in some cases but not in minimalistic design. The common opinion falls under the typical definition White=>Boring. In practice, however, white space can be the most powerful tool in creating really successful web design. It emphasizes different components of the page and makes all blocks stand out vividly. The benefits of the white space shouldn’t be ignored, as it gives priority to each and every element of a web page.

    Minimalistic Touch

    Such details as typography, colors and images play a big role in minimalistic design as well. When you put  focus on content rather than design, the choice of typography is of great importance. Various font styles, weights for headings, sub headings, content and navigation provide different level of visual emphasis to each element. By the way, in any kind of design (not only minimalistic) not more than 3-4 font styles are recommended.

    Using graphics, you have to pay attention to the relevancy of the image itself in case it is more effective than a written message.

    According to the general strategy, the amount of colors has to be kept to a minimum. There are no forbidden colors in minimal design, if they are used in the proper way. White, Blue, Gray are the most high-powered colors that allow to deliver certain emotions to visitors.

    Why Use Minimalistic design for Business Websites?

    Finally, after describing when, how and what, we can start talking about minimalistic design in creating business websites. In general, small business websites don’t have to be bright, flashy and stuffed with tons of goodies. Their goal is to show what you sell, what are your prices and where you are located. Minimal design perfectly meets these requirements. Bear in mind, you should stay on the side of minimalism rather than simplicity. To make a website simple is not a big deal, but to make it minimal is actually a lot more difficult. You have to keep your business web design clean and yet bursting with useful information.

    Some Examples

    Whether you have a small business website design or a huge corporate service that presents your company, you should always ask yourself the question “Do I want to impress my clients with awesome design or helpful content”? In both variants Minimal Web Design can satisfy your needs.

    Our collection of excellent minimalistic business website templates could be of great service for your future website. Here is a few minimalist samples that Flashmint have picked out for your inspiration:

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