Modern online community is slowly crawling to the age of photoblogging and portfolio sites. Everyone who has a camera, a smartphone or a tablet can take pretty good photos (of course, not in terms of self portraits next to the mirror:). Our communication is also becoming more photo-centrical. Just have a look at Instagram: how many people follow it, 60 million? And at least a quarter of them are quite talented and smart enough to start their own online portfolio sites!

It is not hard to start a photo website, but it’s not easy to make it stand out from the pile. No doubt, photos are the essence on such websites, but when you come to the coffee shop are you concentrated only on the taste of coffee itself? You pay attention to general atmosphere of the place, service level, interior design and so on. The same can be applied to photo sites. If you are the owner of design portfolio sites you should do your best to show the visitors that you care not only about your artworks, but also pay attention at functionality of your service. That surely makes them come back to your site time and again. There are some really useful tips that can bring your photo gallery to success and get more visitors to view your photos:

#1 Equip your website with WordPress Gallery plugins

Yes, WordPress! It offers a huge variety of plugins not only for photography websites, but also for all kinds of site purposes. Talking about plugins for Image Galleries, it can be used for creating slideshows, galleries with different formats, protect the author’s rights and much more…

Lazyest Gallery that is considered as the easiest WordPress photo gallery plugin does all the hard work for you. You simply have to adjust the plugin to the images and “show it” what page to appear on. You can combine Lazyest Gallery with the “same root” plugins, like Lazyest Widget and Lazyest Backup.

#2 Start a Photo Rating System

You need to know what your visitors think about your photos, whether they like them or not. But you aren’t the only party concerned – other users fall under social influence when they see that photos are highly rated and start rating and following your works with an enviable frequency.

#3 Use Feedback Option

Together with the rating system, it is good to have a good connection with your visitors. Use Feedback and Comments features to win the users’ trust to your service. It would be nice to have the comment boxes attached to every photo as well as the feedback page.

#4 Photo of the Day/Week/Month

Every self-respecting photo site has a smart way to present the best photos from its collection – “Photo of the Day”. It is good not only for your photo karma but also involves more viewers who are likely to plunge deeper into your photo blog.

#5 Photo Map Gallery

Show your visitors geographical location of your photos. With the help of Google Maps, you can display the pictures’ story where it was taken. It may be interesting to your followers to investigate whether there are more pictures from an interesting area on the map. If you have WordPress CSM you can use GEO Tag plugin for free.

#6 National Geographic Puzzle Generator

The name of “National Geographic” delivers complete trust to our minds. They can’t be wrong, offering Slide Puzzle Generator, an option that involves you into the game, putting photo pieces together. This unique brainteaser may interest your visitors and make them come back to your website again.

#7 Collect your users emails

Another very popular way to gain your audience is to collect their email addresses and sending them newsletters announcing hot news from your website.


If you want to make your photo website really successful you can apply some of the methods described above. But be careful not to overload the website with a variety of options; otherwise, the form will tear viewers’ attention away from the content – your photo works.

For illustrative purposes, we are happy showcase you a collection of the best photography website templates created by Flashmint. Every template already comes with a large number of features, and your goal is to improve it to your own taste.

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Photo Portfolio Web Template

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