As everyone knows, WordPress is one of the most effective solution, that helps to save your time and money for the development and management. Nevertheless, there are some issues that should be kept in mind and checked both by developers and site owners.

Compatibility with WordPress and security of the scripts are usually taken for granted, though they should be controlled to avoid bugs and errors. Probably, it’s hard to realize at once what the term “compatibility” means. Does the site get the status “compatible” just when any WordPress theme is developed and installed?


In reality, third-party plugins or themes of your live WordPress website could be outdated and insecure. This fact couldn’t be noticed at once, but it could cause lots of troubles in future.

This article would give you several advices on how to check your site for bugs and weaknesses and avoid problems.

First of all, you could try one of these free plugins to check the templates’ code compatibility with WordPress and to search for missed bugs:


It’s a free plugin used mostly by the developers to check the compatibility of the theme with the latest WordPress standards. The add-on is also popular with the Theme Review Team that reviews new uploaded themes on Theme-Check has a useful option to enable Trac formatting for simple and quick copying and pasting right to the Trac ticket of the theme (it’s a good option for the developers using Trac to make a feedback on code).

 Log Deprecated Notices

This free plugin created by is regularly used by WP developers to test deprecated functions, files and function arguments in themes. With the help of Log Deprecated Notices you could check if the updated WordPress core functionality is used in your installed WordPress theme.


This is also a powerful plug-in for the theme debugging that instantly shows the results in the footer zone and also tests the loaded page for validation. This add-on would be useful either for blog developers or website owners.

You may wonder how developers could use deprecated functions, but everything depends on the human nature. Some developers could use functions or tutorial habitually, without noticing that they are already outdated. If the function is outdated and deprecated, you’ll see a notice (a big red colored text message) about it in its codex.

You could find the complete list of the deprecated WordPress functions on the Deprecated Functions page of the Codex.


 To make a conclusion, WordPress blog development should consider some rules, so you should check and prove that everything is implemented correctly and securely. You should also keep in mind compatibility of the theme that is possible without using the outdated and deprecated functions.  Just take into consideration all these rules and advices, and your WordPress theme website won’t cause you any problem!


We are always on guard for the latest changes and follow up our templates compatibility with the latest versions of CMS platforms.  The main demands for FlashMint WP themes developers are the following:

  •  To use correct code in the correct place,
  • To avoid developing new approaches for the standard functionality. There is a wide range of ready-made functions, extensions that work in the proper way, so there’s no need to waste time for reinventing the wheel.
  • To test developed material, especially paying attention to the files header.phpfooter.php, sidebar.php, functions.php
  • To keep in mind security and compatibility of the developed functions etc.

And now a bunch of fancy and recently released WordPress templates for inspiration and usage:

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