One of the most frequently asked questions on any Joomla forum is “How to include a module within content in Joomla”. Trying to be as helpful as possible with our blog, we decided to highlight this topic with the following article.

If you think about Joomla Module as a tool, it will be easier to understand what it is. There are hundreds of tools for a website that you’d like to use. You may need to display contact info on the frontpage or  include the calendar option depending on your website purpose. Other examples include Joomla YouTube module, Twitter module, Joomla slideshow and many-many more…

Adding modules to Joomla template can save your time in future, since you can create a module right in the Module manager and then just place it into any number of articles that you have.

There are several reasons for you to put more Joomla module positions to your template. With the help of Joomla modules you can easily:

  • build more positions to facilitate ads or other functionality;

  • make the process of code addition easier;

  • add the “right” and the “left” positions.

Here’s a short instruction describing how you can place the modules inside the regular text:

- Enter your Joomla Dashboard, for example

 - Go to the menu item Extensions then Module Manager.

- Use the filter feature to find the module you want to put in an article, and then click the module.

- Click on the drop-down box next to the Position option. Go ahead and delete the text that’s currently in the box, then type in a new, distinct, module position, e.g. in_article_search. Save all changes.

- Open the article you’d like to add the module to and type the following: {loadposition myposition}.

Make sure to replace myposition with the position you created earlier. In our example it is

{loadposition in_article_search}.

- Don’t forget to save the article and refresh the page on the front-end of your site.

You can compare before and after screenshots of adding module in Joomla.

Keep in mind that it works only if Joomla plugin Content – Load Module is enabled. If this plugin is disabled, the text {loadposition myposition} shows unchanged in the article.


Don’t forget that you always have an alternative to get all-in-one Joomla theme that will meet all your needs and satisfy the tastes of the most picky user. Here is the collection of ready-made Joomla themes that already have fully collapsible module positions, so that you din’t have to worry about anything else:

1. F1 Sports News Joomla Template

Sporting News Joomla Template

3. Success Corporate Joomla Template

Business Template For Joomla

Royal Palace Hotel Joomla Template

Animals of Africa Zoo Joomla Template

Architecture Construction Joomla Template

College Joomla Templates

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