One of the easiest ways to sell your experience online is to become a consultant. Staying home with a laptop on your knees, you can earn pretty good money telling people what they should do in any given situation. Moreover, consulting business becomes more wanted on the employment market than any other service nowadays. As different businesses try to adapt to new technologies and keep up with the latest information, more and more organizations and individuals rely on consulting firms. Consultants are helping to run complex database projects, develop productivity improvement programs and prepare business plans. All this wouldn’t be possible without one single thing – professional consulting website.

 There are tons of information on how to create successful consultant websites. That may seem funny, but most of the articles start from: “Turn to us and we will build a website to all your needs just for a couple of thousands”. Unfortunately, people spend their money, time and efforts dealing with different developer companies to get the products that they could actually do themselves. Make your own website using only your forces is absolutely normal. Have a look at these examples:

Business Fully Responsive WP Theme

Consulting Group WordPress Theme

How good are they for you? Are you attracted enough to use these designs for your website? And here comes the magic – it is consulting website templates based on WordPress. Why WordPress? It is easy to use, always plenty of tutorials and documentation and it is available for free. One more reason to get WordPress template is a possibility to change design of your consulting website any time you want.

Unlike the other business-look resources, consulting websites should include some specific aspects:

Clients who come to your website are looking for a problem solution. Make them sure that you are the one who can do it. Provide your visitors with the needed information only, describe your professional experience in terms of results. They expect your site to be worth the time it takes to find out if you can help.

Be personal. Let your clients know who you are. Use your photos and achievements. Avoid standard phrases in “About Us” area. What your visitors read on your website should sound as if you were speaking to them personally.

Update the content at least once a month. Don’t let your site get stale. Keep up with the time, otherwise, the competitors will smash you against the wall of irrelevance.

Enhance usability. You have to manage the hardest task to make everything easy to use. The navigation has to be understandable and intuitive.

Social share buttons. Don’t forget to provide your users with social plugins and make it easy to share your content.

Follow minimalism. Don’t try to impress your clients with a hi-tech design solution for your consulting website. No Fluff, just Stuff!

When you build a successful Consulting website with WordPress, keep in mind a balance between the content and design. It should be 50/50, no more no less. The following examples of consulting templates will be a good proof of everything that was written above:

Industry Corporate WordPress Theme

Business Ideas Corporate WordPress Theme

Industrial Corporate Theme For WordPress

Direct Business Site Template

Analytics Services Responsive Web Template

Success Corporate Website Template

Perfect Business Responsive Website Template 

Automate Success Css Template

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