Everybody is selling something. The modern world would be so lost without online marketing, and if you are reading it now, it means that you are already the part of the world’s eCommerce community (or at least intend to become the one). In both cases you shouldn’t ignore this information.

Every day we come across hundreds of hidden online marketing tricks without even noticing them. It became a part of our life, so why not to use it for your own benefit?

Your website was built for certain audience. The good news is that all people, no matter what IQ level they have, act on a common psychological basis. The psychology of selling perfectly fits any person of any species and nationality and you have to master your skills to achieve high selling results in online marketing.

Let’s have a look at some of the most usable eCommerce tips that you may use for your online store:

Tip 1: Emotional influence

The practice of emotional marketing is all about getting your target audience tie to your product or service at a very basic and fundamental level – emotional level. Make people feel something. It can be the hardest but the most effective factor of sales.

Humor as emotional influence, can be successfully used in eCommerce marketing as well. It creates a positive perception of your products or services. Humor allows you to convey messages in a simple and easily digestible way. Product features, cautions and all potential elements that can be conveyed using humorous means.You can make people buy your product in many ways, but to get them to love it, you need to play on their emotions.

Tip 2: Colors Theory

The color effect is one of the most popular elements of eCommerce marketing strategy. I can already see your ironic smile, but that’s true. The color can really help you to increase the popularity of your website. Just as you use words and make-up to express yourself, colors can also be used as means of expression. Some research has shown that certain colors come with associations — especially in the context of something else. You already subconsciously make connections between certain colors and emotions. The background color of your website, the color of your header, the color of your text and headlines can all have a psychological impact on your visitors.

Here is a list of some of the common colors and comments what type of psychological emotion they evoke in people:

  • Black is big “NO” for sales. Of course, there are exceptions but it’s better to avoid this color in design.

  • White is good mostly for background and clear design but limit its usage, otherwise the website will be too pale.

  • Blue is one of the best selling colors. It is the best color to build trust instantly. It fits best to commercial enterprises, banks and medical websites.

  • Red is a color which implies risk, danger. But it is a great attention-getter.

  • Green  is an interesting color because it can mean luck. Notice how green is deliberately used in the marketing of health food products, fresh produce and environmental awareness.

  • Orange is perfect for appealing to buyers who anticipate holidays and family gatherings. Add a pinch of brown to it to gain a golden, rich appeal.

Tip 3: The “9” factor

Another powerful effect used in eCommerce internet marketing is “odd-even” pricing. The method is based on the belief that certain prices are more appealing to buyers. It involves setting a price in odd number (just under round even number) such as $ 59.95 instead of $60. Prices ending in 95, 97, 99 are sometimes called “charm prices”, this is namely the most popular psychological pricing technique used in the world. In this case, a buyer who paid $199.90 may tell a friend that he got a cool offer for a little more than $100, when in fact the price was closer to $200.


Here’re some more effective tricks that go well with odd pricing.


  • The cents printed smaller, would enhance the trick and increase conversion rates.

  • Discounts from 10% to 75% off almost never fail to attract buyers. People just love to feel that they are saving and getting good value for their money. It is best to use “Up To X% off” approach.

Tip 4: Content is King

The more you talk to your customers, the more they will like you. Unfortunately, most of the eCommerce websites do not rely on the content. Just keep in mind, that about 95% of visitors who come to your site for the first time, won’t buy anything. First, they have to trust you. If you have reliable and useful content, they will return with a credit card in hand. Having a lot of content, no doubt, is a big advantage but if it’s two year old, it will not help you. The more often it changes, the better search engine optimization is.

Tip 5: Social Influence

You are more likely to get new visitors to sign up if you tell them that their friends and a million others have already subscribed to your website. That works as a snowball. Consumers have always been heavily influenced by each other when they make purchasing decision. Communication technologies like social networks, prediction markets, micro-blogging solutions, location-based networked mobile phone applications, and even virtual worlds make it possible for consumers to influence each other far more directly and dramatically than ever before. So, work at it.

Tip 6: Love what you do

You can set the best color scheme for your site, play with prices or stuff your service with tons of fresh content but if you don’t believe in what you’re doing, it’s not gonna work. Do what you Love, and the Money will follow you! Doing what you really like gives you a higher chance to succeed because you are going to put all your energy into everything you do! Our free online marketing tips can be the first step towards changing the marketing strategy of your business. But using the following small business tips, keep in mind the expression of the father of Advertising David Ogilvy: “The consumer is not a moron, she’s your wife”.


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