Let’s imagine our living in 2014 when people almost stop using the stationary computers and switch to pocket-sized laptops. Smartphones and tablets become the most usable devices, even more popular than coffee-machines :) Do you get the idea? If you are running an online business in 2012, you should already start thinking about its future, how it will adapt to users’ needs in a couple of years. You should consider how well your website will be displayed on various devices. Here we get to the point of Responsive design.

Responsive WordPress themes are those that adapt to different web surfing devices like mobile phones and tablets. With responsive themes, there’s no more need to make a mobile version of your website to make it accessible from mobile devices. Instead, responsive templates enable websites to look exactly the same on tablets, smartphones and big-screen desktops.

Responsive Design Benefits

  • Better Customer Experience. Responsive website design will provide all of your website visitors     the best possible experience of viewing the web pages. Hence, you get more positive feedback and more users come back to your site.
  • It is cheaper. You don’t have to pay extra money for the uptake of multiple sites like mobile phone,  tablet and laptop versions. With Responsive WordPress design you pay only once for one template.
  • Saving time. Responsive design saves not only your money but also time. Less stress, fewer    meetings, less wondering if you are going to get what you want. The idea of designing and building your web project in less than an hour will make your life easier.
  • Search Engine Optimization. It means that you can manage one website with the definite set of links without having to redirect users to another website where they will have to deal with server loading time. A responsive website improves SEO and reduces the amount of maintenance hassle, meaning, there won’t be a drop in your website speed, either.
  • Beat the Competitors. Since Responsive WordPress themes are still something fresh for website owners, there is a big chance that your competition is not implementing it yet.Visitors will get a much better experience and will likely buy more products on your site than on competitors’ websites. Just think about it:)

The Time Has Come

WordPress Responsive themes are grabbing the market with an enviable speed. It is High Time to get one for yourself! Moreover, it’s already a norm to be able to view a site from a mobile phone or other high-tech devices. More responsive themes arrive the web every day, but still it can be difficult to find the right one. Don’t wait till 2014 to make your site mobile. Have a look at the top 20 collection of the latest and greatest Responsive WordPress themes 2012:

1. Alyeska Responsive WordPress Theme

2.Business Responsive WordPress Theme

3.Super Skeleton WP: Responsive, Minimal, Beautiful
4.Harvest Responsive WordPress Theme

5.Grid Theme Responsive
6.Responsive Corporate WordPress Theme
7.TRIM Responsive Magazine Theme

8.Expression Photography Responsive WordPress Theme

9.WordPress Responsive Photo Album Theme

10.Flexible Responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme

11.ELOGIX – Responsive Business WordPress Theme

12. Communications Responsive WordPress Theme

13.Business Fully Responsive WP Theme

14.Resizable responsive theme

15.Jigsaw – Responsive WordPress Theme

16.Cars Responsive WordPress Theme

17.Oakland – Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

18.Sterling – Responsive WordPress Theme

19.Maxx – Responsive Creative WordPress Theme

20.Gigawatt – Responsive WordPress Video Theme

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    There is one great responsive wordpress theme missing ;) DW WallPress!!! http://www.designwall.com/wordpress-theme/wallpress/

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