When starting an online business, you need to consider lots of things: who is your audience, what topics are going to get your readers interested, and finally, how to get profit from your website. Another crucial decision is selection of a proper platform for your small business website.

All business owners should take into account such essential factors as cost, time, quality, flexibility and control. Joomla CMS platform is often considered to be the best and the most popular solution that would fit all the requirements of website owners and clients. To remind Joomla is a free open source content management system with a great amount of applications that could extend capability of your website (from news to social networking and ecommerce).

Let’s look through the factors that are the most important for small website owners and analyze all the advantages of working with Joomla platform:

  • Cost: As an open source CMS, Joomla is free to use which means that most of the customization works are free or low cost. To set up the site you should install Joomla platform and select that very design theme that fits your taste and technical requirements. You could find a great choice of Business & Finance Joomla Templates with easy-to-edit and inexpensive Joomla templates showcased on the Business category page:

  • Functionality:As soon as design is set, it’s high time to think about functionality of your website. Joomla comes with several standard features as well as with extended capabilities. To make use of non-standard features you need to find and enable the required extensions or plugins. One of the biggest advantages of this platform is a great global community of users and developers that could always help you with advice, support and provide access to new features for your Joomla-based website. These features (also called applications, extensions or plug-ins) are mostly available for free, developed by Joomla community members and for Joomla community members.
  • Time: Joomla platform has the shortest development cycle, as there is a great bunch of ready-made design templates and easy-to-set plug-ins that help to save your time for the site development. You don’t have to waste time with designers and programmers developing mock-ups and thoroughly thinking over design concept and programming new features.
  • Quality: Joomla is known for its security and stability. Thousands of people all over the world are debugging and tweaking the Joomla core, so you just need to set security alerts to be sure that your site is safe. Also it’s necessary to draw attention to the security of the 3rd party applications, especially if they have direct access to the site’s database.
  • Flexibility: Any possible functionality (news feed, social networking, e-commerce and so on) can be easily added with the help of extensions. It’s also not a big deal to add and edit content via easy-to-use admin panel (so-called WYISWYG-editor).
  • Control: This powerful platform is managed through the back-end and front end. Customizations of content, design, structure and functionality don’t require high level of technical knowledge and skills. If you have any questions or doubts you may use numerous tutorials developed by Joomla community members.

As you may observe, Joomla can boast of excellent characteristics by all factors that are crucial for small business owners starting their business online. The above-mentioned factors are cost, time, quality, flexibility, and control. It may be concluded that Joomla is a powerful CMS platform that’s not accidentally popular all over the world having a huge community of fans, contributing to its development. With the help of Joomla design templates and ready-made applications you could save time and money building small business website. Having that support, it would be a great option as a basis for your future profitable web projects.

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