Why is it so important to have a personal portfolio website today?

The times when you could pay a visit to a family to show your photo works and be invited to take the portraits of the whole family are now gone. More and more people prefer to order the services of the photographer online, where they can review their portfolios at any convenient time, get contact info as well as find the feedback. Having an account on Flickr is nice, but can you really compete with photographers having their own photo portfolios and photo blogs?

How Flashmint Photographer Package can help you?

Our Photographer package includes different types of templates designed especially for photographers. In a single package worth $39,95 you can acquire a photographer flash CMS template to build your website, a Facebook template to enhance you Facebook fan page presence and a WordPress template to start your blog. You’re also getting premium support from our team and templates customization department is also at your service.

What’s included in FlashMint Amazing Photographer Package?

  • 3 flash templates
  • 3 flash cms templates
  • 3 flipbook templates
  • 3 flash components
  • 3 facebook templates
  • 3 jquery templates
  • 3 wp 3.0 templates
  • 3 business cards
  • 3 banners packs
  • 3 site logos

What’s important to know.

The FlashMint Amazing Photographer Package will be available from 0.00 am EST on November 3rd to 00.00 am EST on November 10th. You have only 7 days to decide whether this offer is enough sweet for you.

You save over $500 even if you decide to use only 3 templates from the package.

The download links will be active only during 3 days after the last day of the event. After that, the FlashMint Amazing Photographer Package will be deleted from your Flashmint account and you no longer will be able to download the templates and use the opportunity of getting all of these beautiful templates for just $39,95.

More opportunities.

If you are a professional photographer having lots of fans or just a beginner with lots of friends willing to support you, you can get a Photographer package for FREE.

Become the event partner and share your event link with the friends and colleagues. If three of your friends purchase the Photographer Package following your event link we’ll be sending you the Photographer Package absolutely for free. We will also pay you $100 for every 10 people who have used your event link to make the purchase. Sounds like a fair deal to thank you for your efforts, right?

Furthermore, there’s a special prize for the most active event partner. The partner whose link will generate most sales will be given a new shiny iPad from the apple store (a gift certificate).

Don’t loose your time on long considerations, it’s not going to be cheaper and one week is too short not to take advantage of this offer. Order Amazing Photographer Package at $39,95 and start building your photo portfolio right now!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I have bought Photographer package. Have anybody already purchased it? It’s really amazing bundle! :)

  2. Michael says:

    I am waiting till my friends buy it and I’ll get it for free! :) Hope my event link will generate many sales!!

  3. Pablo says:

    And I’m waiting for iPad! :)

  4. Ronald says:

    Cool photographer bundle, everything necessary is included.

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