In the previous post we’ve tried to convince you that you definitely need to have a FaceBook page for your business and explained how to create it. This time we’ll tell you about the great way to personalize your FaceBook page and make it prominent among thousands of competitors.

Let’s go to your page. To reach pages you manage just go to “Account” > “Manage Pages” and pick your page.


Once there go to “Edit Page” and scroll down to the very bottom of your settings list. You’ll see a tiny “Static FBML” application there.


Click this application and on the applications page click the “Add to my Page” option. Then return back to the settings of your FaceBook page and you’ll see a new application box called “FBML – FBML”.

Click the “Edit” link and you’ll see a textbox, where you can add HTML tags and even styles. Here’s what I have there:


Which results in:


Now, when you know how to make custom html page inside your FaceBook page, it’s time to make it the default landing page for your potential fans.
Go to your page settings > “Wall Settings” > “Edit” link > “Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else:” > Choose your FBML page in the dropdown list.


All set! Now whenever a non-fan will visit your FaceBook page, he will see your cool custom facebook landing page instead of the boring wall.

This tool is really impressive, as you can create all sorts of pages and use various ideas to turn your page visitors into your fans!

That’s the end of this little FaceBook tutorial, good luck with your business or whatever you promote on FaceBook.

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6 Responses to “How to make a Sexy FaceBook Landing page.”

  1. Jason says:

    Okay I’ve done everything I thought that was necessary to post this to my facebook page but I think i’ve messed up on the coding. There were two items shown for the code but since i wasn’t using the jpg I thought I would be good without it. What I came up with was the following:

    What could I be doing wrong, I don’t have anything showing up on facebook at the moment.

  2. flashmint says:

    Jason, are you sure you were using the Static FBML application… and the code that you have inserted there is a valid HTML?
    By the way, you don’t need to add “< "html> and “< "body> tags, it won’t read them… just start as if the “< "body> tag is already opened

  3. I followed everything to a tee and thank you it worked. I could even figure out how to do a second line on the heading!! Pretty good for a novice…..

  4. LIsa says:

    how do I write the code to use a picture from my computer?

  5. I followed all the directions I believe to a tee as well, however, I might have read the “upload the images folder to your personal host” incorrectly. I opened a directory and file within my hosted website, not within facebook, is that correct?
    My html file is loaded within facebook, however no pictures background etc. is being found… can you help?

  6. Michael says:

    Great…now can we get one for the newest version? Being that quite literally nothing shown above works.

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