Despite any economical recession or crisis, people are always in need for food, therefore, the food and drink industry will be always profitable. Being one of the richest business areas, the food supply industry is also the one with the toughest competition. As is generally known, high competition is the most fertile ground for novelties, innovations and cutting-edge ideas. Thus, when it comes to web design, websites of meal related brands are often celebrating the principles of truly creative and excellently implemented design.

In this post we would like to observe the main trends in food & drink website design and show you a collection of sites that are, in our opinion, the best examples in this area.

The Current Trends in Food & Drink Website Design

The Bread

The large-scale, beautifully presented and super realistic looking images of foods make up the major trend peculiar to this category of websites. It looks as if the main factor that is taken into account during the beta-testing of a modern food website is the extent of salivation. Just look at the design below, doesn’t it make your mouth water?

The Famous 4th Street Cookies


The appetizing look of a product presented on a particular web site is achieved by means of food photography – a specific genre that was born to satisfy the needs of advertising.  Wine bottles that convey the luxury, burgers that make you feel the sound of sizzling barbeque when you just look at the image, wept water cans that looks like an oasis in desert, chocolate cookies looking as real as though you could grab them right from the screen and chump –   all this is created by using various lighting techniques, ruses and post-processing of the images. No wonder that sometimes the food or drink you see on the site looks less tempting in real life.

Cheese & Burger Society


Summing up the aforesaid, realistic and mouthwatering images of foods and drinks proved to be effective call-to-action elements, consequently, large-scale food photography is a very popular trend in the modern food website design.

The Circuses

Many of us combine the process of eating with something entertaining, like watching movies and sport games, reading or communicating with friends. While for some people it’s an occasional tradition, others turned it into habit and can’t watch TV without having something tasty to crunch. Food and drink producers surely take advantage of peoples’ inclinations and basic needs and include amusing games and entertaining experience on their websites.



Another widespread technique is associating the food or drink brand with some event, sports or any sort of fashion.  Depending on the targeted audience, and the public image of presented product, large companies may create special online campaigns of both local and global scale. Very often a separate website is created for a promotional campaign of this kind. Advanced interactivity and visual effects are the main features of such websites, so no wonder that most of them are built with Flash. For example, on the site of the 2010 Sprite Slam Dunk contest, you can play a fun and addictive game that takes you into the world of basketball and street culture.

Sprite Slam Dunk


By building lasting associations of promoted foods or drinks with people’s popular leisure activities, companies try to increase the importance and positive image of their product in customers’ eyes and thus, enhance the sales.

Showcase of Fun and Creative Websites from Food and Drink Industry

Now that we’ve scanned through some current trends in food web design, let’s take a look at the selection of creative and interactive websites belonging to this industry. Most of these are flash websites, but there are some beautiful jQuery websites included as well.

Serenading Unicorn


Nespresso Tanzaru


The 6th Celebration


Nestle Fast


Newcastle Brown Ale




Fruit Shoot


Eat A Chiquita


Burger King


Sour Sally




McMillers Sweets Emporium


Mr Singh’s Souce


Pro Foods






Got Milk?


Flash Templates To Start Your Own Food & Drink Website With

FlashMoto CMS Restaurant Template


Fruit & Vegs Flash Template


Candy Shop Flash Template


Wine Store osCommerce Template


Steak House Flash XML Templates


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