Flashmint.com is here to inform you about its no-membership direction. This fact means that we do not support templates membership idea and offer you to purchase our products without any membership limitations.

The point is when you subscribe on templates membership on some websites you have an access to the fixed category of templates which can be of great amount but with no uniqueness. In case you purchase certain website templates without membership subscriptions your chances to get an exclusive product grow bigger. Flasmint.com is aimed particularly at providing you with high-quality unique website templates and flash templates for the best advance of your future web site.

Downloading templates from members’ categories you do not touch upon all items but choose only several ones which may show that your money is not always justified. It may seem like you paid not for a promised thousand of templates but only for some of them. It can make you think whether it is worth paying such amount of money or not.

For our part, at Flashmint.com we provide premium web site templates and flash templates which are undoubtedly exclusive and unique. You pay only for the products you use and no cent is spent needlessly. Moreover our prices are affordable and competitive, especially if you care about the quality of the product.

And what is not less important collaborating with Flashmint.com you get incredible innovations such as dynamic CMS flash photo galleries, XHTML/CSS templates, SWiSH templates. All highest web design developments which are hard to find among templates membership categories are here at Flashmint.com. No tons of useless items, no membership limitations – just pure qualitative design.

So if you feel that templates membership is not always as reliable as it seems, Flashmint.com is at your service 24/7.

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